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After almost a decade serving Wichita and surrounding communities, Hinman and Associates now provides numerous services for clients, including the following:

Human Resource Outsourcing: The Hinman and Associates team provides a certified Human Resources Generalist on-site to provide support to management, discuss employee relation issues and review areas of initiative for compliance. In this role we actually fill the role as the Human Resource Director or Payroll Administrator and/or mentor administrative staff in Human Resources or Payroll Administration.

Research and Telephone Support: We are available to answer your Human Resource or Payroll related questions. Special research projects are conducted by request.

Human Resource Audit: An audit of the Human Resource function can be conducted to pinpoint areas of possible liability. Recommendations for compliance and risk management will be provided.

Payroll and Compensation Support: A customized package can be designed to meet the client’s needs. A few of the components that may be provided are: payroll processing, job description development, point factor evaluation systems, job ranking systems, internal and external market surveys, salary and benefit surveys, salary budget allocation, salary ranges, development of increase matrix and software recommendations.

Performance Management Program Development: A Human Resource Generalist will lead the selected employee group to define the best performance measurement tools for your company. The evaluation is developed and training for management and employees can be provided.

Record Retention Reviews: Employee files, benefit records and payroll records are often the target of Immigration and the Department of Labor. Periodic reviews and development of compliant procedures reduce the risk for our clients.

Employment Procedures and Termination Recommendations: Our Human Resource Generalists review current procedures and make recommendation for streamlined operations and reduced risk of negligent hire or wrongful discharge.

Employee and Management Training: Customized training can be provided to meet the employer’s specific training needs. To name a few, Anti-Harassment, Diversity, Customer Service Training, Interviewing, Organizational Communications and Supervisory training can be tailored to each client’s corporate culture.

Expert Witness Analysis: Hinman and Associates provides expert witness analysis in the event an employer may need assistance in the defense of Human Resource or Payroll Practices.

Hinman and Associates stands ready to provide Human Resource support to clients that ensures proactive risk management procedures are in place to reduce employment related liability.


Human Resource Support

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